Engine swap info again


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Jul 11, 2010
Western NY state 315 er
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Ok,so I have the 51 Willys truck with a worn F head four.For short money I can pick up a good running 71 CJ with a stock 225 V-6 and driveline.The CJ body is shot.Does anyone know for sure if the V-6 will fit into the Willys without a front axle of driveshaft interference problem? I've done engine swaps before and have no problem fabricating clutch,throttle and exhaust to fi,. and so on.But I don't want to have to modify the suspension as in an axle flip or lift kit.
It turns out the guy also has a complete V-6 engine,tranny and transfer case with the cutoff frame and mounts sitting around in the weeds.It still has the Dauntless decal on the valve cover,must be a recent removal cause it's not cruddy from sitting around.In fact the guy has a lot of old Willys and Jeep stuff in the weeds.Kinda like a cargo plane full of parts blew up in midair and all the stuff fell in one spot.
Where abouts is this new treasure trove of Willys parts? Guessing no where close to me! :D
Far far away in western NY state.Usually it's the otherway around,far away from me.I supposed to go over and pick up the engine tonight,we'll see what happens.
Oh,the 225 engine,not a good ending.We went over and using my 99 Cherokee and a chain ,dragged the engine and transfercase out into the driveway and up onto the trailer.It looked ok,had a cover over the top to keep out the weather.The next day I got it up on the engine stand.Drained the oil, and out came clean water!!! Didn't show on the dipstick. Now I'm expecting the worst and there it is after I pulled the left head......no piston at all just a rod with a wrist pin and a hole in the cylinder wall.The piston was gone,aluminum dust!!! Sold the bell housing and some tranny parts,scrapped the rest and pretty much got my money back and just some wated time...
The stock F head will be pulled,inspected,defects detected and bad stuff rejected.Might as well rebuild it,my wife has been driving it daily for almost two months.Has decent oil pressure but blowby and some oil smoke out the pipe.