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May 4, 2020
Washington NC
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1953, 1955
So I dropped my oil pan and was underneath scrapping 30 years of oil, dirt, gunk etc off the undercarriage. Found a few colors on the block, blue over black and then the last color before reaching bare block was what looked like a red oxide. I also found some of this red oxide color on the inside of the block where the crank rotates. Good this be the original color or maybe this block has been rebuilt before. I’m hoping to get it running in the next week, got a water pump coming Saturday. Have already replaced the carb, points, condenser, coil, plug wires, plugs and that’s it for now. Just trying to get it started real quick before I move forward with it to see what kind of shape the motor is in. I could also see up into the cylinder walls and they appear red to be nice and shiny no deep gouges, scratches or anything else I could see.

Any advise before I try to get her cranked up would be appreciated it.
I’ve attached some photos showing the paint on the exterior and interior of the block.

Quick question as far as gaskets go. Do you guys recommend gasket sealer with new gaskets?
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Mar 1, 2019
Anderson, California
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Here is my "Routine" for sealing gaskets that may have to be easily removed:

I use a good RTV gasket sealer to glue the gasket to the Pan or Cover. Next I use GasGaCinch to then seal gasket to surface.
Gasgacinch is like a thin contact cement, and allows parts removal easily.