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Oct 8, 2009
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Hey all - I thought I might put out a call to anybody out there in the above category to compare notes on restorations... I know the holidays may scatter us but Pete perhaps this would be an ongoing category for gallery, production #s, tech,etc...

Mine is a '49 663 w/ OD on budget hold til daughter's tuition goes away - (and in the meantime I love seeing and hearing how you guys spend your $$$!). I must confess that my interest is in restoration to factory original. I've now restored three 4x4 jeeps and love them all - this wagon came about from love of our '50 jeepster, and is really a family-sized jeepster, since our family includes 200+ lbs of Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Apologies until I can get my own pictures up - I realized my camera was set on highest res/kb possible all this time - can't even get an avatar up. I've reset to smaller size and it's been raining, snowing, or blowing ever since - once I survive xmas shopping etc I'll find a good weather day and get everybody out for a photo op.

Any how, I'm interested in 663 engine info & experience. It's a new model to me, and so far I'm waiting to redo fuel delivery next spring before I try and run it - it has run in last five years, supposedly rebuilt within 10... who knows? I've never dealt w/ overdrive and would love to hear advice/experiences.

I'm interested in factory paint schemes and interior color combos that were produced. My wagon is a dark gray (ditzler shows none for 49, 50 has chesapeake gray or surf gray poly, which is my guess) Interior has tunisian red seat frames, gold window trim, deep red seats w/ white piping. I badly want to find original-like material for headliner rather than vinyl ones available, a herringbone or tweed cloth (I'll post sample when I get my 'shot' together).

There is a poor photo in Jim Allen's book showing what looks like my paint scheme but i can't find a good one - this is not a station sedan with large basket weave filling top panel but instead has a narrow, perhaps 'beach sand' strip above panel w/ red pin stripes. I purchased determined to do the clear maole/mahogany brown faux woodie look, but I wish I could learn if this was some trim package below station sedan...

So... there's a starter batch to get things underway... I'd love to see and hear more from everybody similarly afflicted. I am in awe of the big projects (and the skill that accompanies them!) that I see here, but again my true love is in the history and heritage and pure 'americana' that is Willys - and hats off to Pete for all the tremendous graphics and the fabulous gathering place for us all!

Keep Up the Good Work! Randy


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when i was in high school i had a gray 49 jeep pickup. one of the students who was into body work looked it up and said it was "potomac gray". seems i've seen that color listed in jeep books