Door clips

If no-one else comes up with a pic I will dig mine out and get you some pics. May take a few days to locate where I put them. There are four screws per door at the corners and the rest are clips.
Go to the Willys America site they have the clips and their catalog has pictures of them
mine are SS sheet metal screw with SS finishing washers. It's a 48 Jeepster. Walcks may have some you're looking for.
flashman said:
mine are SS sheet metal screw with SS finishing washers.

That is what I have in my 51 PU. Anyone know what year Willys went to the clips. My 62's all have the clips except at the corners, screws are used there.
Here are some pics of the manual page discussing the clips. Several views for easy reading (hopefully)
Steve[attachment=2:26rxyun9]Door Panel.JPG[/attachment:26rxyun9][attachment=1:26rxyun9]Door Panel (1).JPG[/attachment:26rxyun9][attachment=0:26rxyun9]Door Panel (2).JPG[/attachment:26rxyun9]


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Here are some original 63 clips.


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Did you find your clips? If not let me seems you have almost everything of mine now, you might as well have my clips....let me know. :thumbup: