chevy radiaor water pump hose

55 willys

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Mar 19, 2010
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does anyone have chevy 6 cyl. in a willys wagon ? I need a lead on a bottom rad. hose . I belive the rad. is stock.
Andrew, I don't know what the configuration is for that application, but once I used the incorrect radiator configuration for a V8 and bottom outlet was on the wrong side for the water pump. I cut a piece of exhaust pipe to route the hose across to the proper spot. If you can't find the actual part you need, this trick might work for you.
the bottom of the rad. or bung ,is close to the timing cover of the engine. the hose needs to make a 90 degree turn then route upward to the pump. what I have now , pinchs the hose a little coming off the rad. . I'll keep looking. thanks
That's the exact issue I had, so I shortened the side that connects to the radiator for clearance and cut the other side to fit in the pipe going across, then fit a piece up to the water pump. It sounds like a pain, but it was sorta cool and saved me from another wrecking yard radiator purchase. Anyway, good luck in your searches.