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Oct 6, 2009
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
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  1. Wagon
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How's it going eh? My name is Chris and I live in northern Alberta, Canada. I currently have 2 wagons, a 1959 which I am building, and a 1956 which I bought on a whim, because it was cheap, it is a total project truck. My plans are 14 bolt, 60 and the drivetrain out of my 84 chevy. I recognise some usernames on here, we all seem to find the same place eventually. I love the idea of a dedicated wagon forum.
Sorry to read about your sickness of owning 2 Willys Wagons...word of can't be cured, from experience it can be slowed down some, but you will always be a Willy-olic. What ever you do, do not buy your third! Take some pictures, specially winter ones, we see so little snow down here.
Did you flag your location on the members map?
Does that me a white Christmas? Looking at your Wagon on the rotisserie, in the garage, on the wall, what are they??? Those aren't Rudolph's??? na...might be a relative?