Brake Progress part 1


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Sep 5, 2010
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Spent this weekend getting ready to Replace the current 11" brakes on the front end of my wagon with an entire new new kit. I finally decied to stay with Drums and drove over and bought a set from Ryan(The-Jeep-Guy). [galleryimage:3fzdjcu6]842[/galleryimage:3fzdjcu6] pretty solid looking brakes, talked with him for awhile and picked up a pair of Return springs for my clutch and brake petal.

since i dont have room in the Garage at the moment i finished up the day replaceing those two Rusty Springs ;)

Anyone have Some advice on removing the front Brake assembly? i've read over the Disc conversion write up serveral times.


Rubbing alittle, think i should try moving it over and have it rub on the other spring instead?

Those brakes are sweet!!! New backing plates and everything. All you need to do is remove your drums, unhook your old hoses and remove the bolts that hold the backing plate to the spindle and you're half way done. If you've got the original master cylinder, you'll have to bleed all 4 wheels. And while you're at it, flush out the lines and rear cylinders and use Silicone brake fluid. You'll be good to go for years!!

When I did the brakes on my '54 2WD Wagon I found it had 10" brakes instead of 11". Nobody listed 10" brakes for either the Wagons or trucks. Finally, the guy at KaiserWillys told me they probably put Jeepster brakes on my Wagon at the factory. He sent me shoes and wheel cylinders for a Jeepster and it all fit.

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