brake master cylinder


Bigger Hammer
Jan 29, 2010
Eagle, Idaho
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  1. Wagon
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  1. 1959
I am new to Willy's products and have a 1959 Wagon. I found a part number from Raybestos for a original style master cylinder that is MC 2796. Is that correct for my wagon? Are the dual reservoir master cylinders better? What is their part number? Thanks for your help
Dual master cylinders are certainly safer. But are harder to install. Raybestos mc2796 is the right number.
as far as I know it is the only one used in all the wagons and truck.
To convert to dual brakes will require new mounting brackets for the m/c. You can weld up your own if possible our use a kit like the one offered by Herm. ... linder.htm
If you have the ability to make your own brackets and are keeping the stock drum brakes the m/c Herms kit uses is raybestos MC36237 which was from a '72 to '75 cj with dual m/c, drum brakes.