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Dec 2, 2010
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Havn't had a whole lot of luck searching the web, but I have a 52 Wagon and I'm looking for a good
complete system. Making one myself is out of the question.

thanks in advance,
I delt with the jeepsterman knack in the day and he wasn't very nice but since he passed i think his daughter is running it now and I have herd she is really nice
Brant said:
...I'm looking for a good
complete system...

I plan to use a harness from EZ-Wiring. I used their 21 circuit harness on my '50 Plymouth, and it worked great. Comes with a pre-wired fuse block. Just mount the fuse block under the dash, and pull the wires to their locations. Since the fuse block is pre-wired, there are half as many connections to make...



The harness I used on my Plymouth had black wires, labeled every few inches. The new kits come either black or colored wires with labels. A 21 circuit kit is $185, 12 circuit kit is $170.

Not sure why you don't consider a DIY. These trucks are at the bottom of the complexity scale on the wiring front.

I got two spools of trailer wire (5 wires together) and it took about two hours tops - 20$
bought a marine 6 fuse block with grounds at Wal-Mart which was easy as heck - 17$
a couple of smaller spools of 10 ga. for engine/starter electrical - 15$

While I was at it I included speaker wires and an extra run of trailer wire for future accessories and I even built a homemade turn signal set up with some one-way diodes and a flasher unit from the farm supply store.

It's a pretty straight forward deal and not too much can go wrong. I'm a total newbie so it took a little longer with all the head scratching and testing but it's way cheaper and just as good. I'm not planning on running at Daytona.
10-4 flashman thats what I did and have about the same amount of money in it. I have wired a lot of motocylces in my life this was my first truck and it was no big deal and cheap. I have all gauges (except speedo which is the easier one anyway) turn signals flashers and everything else and it all works much to my surprise :lol: I even installed a air horn go figure and I did run fuses to all the important stuff
and the dimmer switch even works which was a big surprise so I'm thinking if I can do it anybody can good luck. :cheers:
thanks all! I have no confidence in my wireing ability, and for good reason. Pete, thats what I'm looking for, thanks. I'll flaunt my tallents later in other areas of the UglyWilly project.

hi there im new here... ill just ask, do you prefer brand in buying wire harness? i saw a brand named Best Kits & Harnesses... do you know this brand?... i just need a good quality harness that will last :?:

saw this Car Stereo Wire Harness online... :geek:

Best Kits & Harnesses
I bought one from Keep it Clean wiring. well made and way overboard for a willys. Could have made one myself, but coming up with a good fuse and relay panel costs almost as much as buying the whole harness.
Try Rebel Wire, American made and not too pricy. All wires are color coded and printed with the circuit; lights, horn, etc. Photos and prices on the web site.
Another plug for Walcks. I bought a pre made harness from them, exact length, orignal cloth cover with the exact same color codes on the wires as the original. They also provided the wiring guide.

It was about a 1.5 day job, and pretty much everything worked first time.

1955 Willys Pickup.
That Rebel Wire '9+3 Circuit Wiring Harnesses' is what I've been looking for. Thanks
here's my two cents, as per usual :). Even though, they tend to be a bit more pricey, than say an auto parts store, or online guessing stores, I like to go to the WILLYS Vendors. They are doing us all a great service, by keeping us on the road and it's up to us to keep them going. With that said, I bought my wire harness from Willys America, back in 2000. He makes all of the harnesses per order. They are not pre-made, so it took about 5 weeks to receive it, but I was pleased. It also came with a "hand crafted" wire diagram. It took some studying up front, but once I got going all was good.

I believe that the latest products in wiring are top notch and very user friendly, so i'm not knocking them at all. I just get really anoyed when I go to the auto store and the young clown behind the counter's not in the computer. I just wanna club him. Anyway, it's great to have people in the know, that put their necks on the chopping block, all to keep us Willys lovers pluggin' along. So my plug here them when you can. You'll be glad you did.
I bought my fair share of items from Willys America and others, but even so I do my application, quality and price evaluation prior to buying. I have read a few product evaluations in here that indicate that some companies may feel a lesser need to maintain a loyal customer base than some of us need to maintain the supplier network.
I'm not worried about them all going out of business because I don't forsee these products at Wal Mart.
Rebel Wire is American made product, and could possibly supply the harnesses for Willys America.