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Apr 4, 2010
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what axles will swap out on a 61 wagon , want to go from drum brakes to discs, i have chevy running gear now but have no clue what year they are, but has drum brakes up front, the guy i bought it from didnt know what year or much about it. any suggestions , ive heard wagoneers and chevy blazers ???
Do you have GM axles now, or original axles with GM brakes? Depending on what year your front axle is, if it's GM then you should be able to convert to disc brakes pretty easily. On the front, is it closed knuckle or open (ball joints) knuckle? I've seen GM 10 bolt and 12 bolt rears in wagons/pickups and they seemed to be about the correct width. Do you have a GM rear and original front axle? Pictures might could help.