Are they for real!

I'd take it for a grand from your hand to mine so that I have money to get it moved around, pay for the tetnis shots needed and find a towing company that would be willing to risk it falling off the truck when taking it to a burial site......
The Front End Loader hiding behind it 50 feet, will pick it up and set it on the recycling trailer, destination crusher - grinder ....2012 model ....I'm amazed someone thinks it's worth $999.
It says that it doesn't run but all the parts are there.................the parts are all there, covered in rust, holes in them, broken or otherwise fubar. I like all the pics of rust holes and "custom" flatbed. Like he/she took all the pics to cover their backside when someone buys it and pisses and moans because it's a pos. And the kicker..............doesn't even come with a title.
In one of the shots you can see a rust plie that fallen off as 'it' even thinks it needs to return to the earth! ;)
Hey you guys missed the original hub cap :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: that adds a bunch to the price.....I'd give $5.00 for the hub cap
Well if the head lights still work, they appear to have no rust on them, for some reason? So you could buy it for the head lights at $499.50 each, just in case you only needed one and wanted to sell the other :lol: :lol: