Another Willys Wagon Owner from NC

Dan Markey

Bigger Hammer
Oct 12, 2009
Nashville, TN
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  1. Wagon
Willys Year:
  1. 1958
Great new site!

Moved out from the Charlotte, NC area to south of Fayetteville, NC about 1 1/2 years ago.

I bought my 1958 Willys 4x4 L226 off of Ebay about 6 years ago. Was originally from New Mexico then to Texas and now North Carolina. Was painted solid red. I have it pulled down doing the body work on it. Sitting in primer now. I will go back with a two tone off white and green.

Just completely rebuilt the D18 and T90. The PO ran it out of oil and the bearings and shafts were badly worn (1/16" grooves) causing major howling starting at 20mph. Replaced some of the gaskets on the engine and painted it back to the original colors and put oringal sticker on the oil filter etc... Still need mount the generator cause I don't want the SI10 alternator. Engine seems good...pleny of power, no smoke and even compression across all 6 cylinders.

Upgrading the brakes to dual MC and sometime in the next year I will swap the disc brake conversion from my M38 willys to the wagon.

You have described your "work in progress" well and it sounds like it will be prrrring on the road soon. Do you have any pictures?
Did you flag your location on the members map?