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Nov 15, 2009
Alpine, TX
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Just found this forum. I have a 1950 P/U that was rolled over. The guy sold it to me really cheap. Had a SBC 307 conversion in it.
I then found a 1952 P/U that had most of the parts needed to make one good one. I spent a lot of time researching different ideas, and decided to use the 52 frame, and repower with a 4.3L TBI. The HP is just about perfect IMO for this truck, and it is light weight, compact, great gas mileage etc...
I have sandblasted the frame, and all sheet metal. Going back as original as I can so a future owner can easily restore. Other than the engine, all else is very close to original. I installed new springs, and rebuilt the fron and rear axles. I will probably end up installing disc brakes, but depends on how it feels once I drive it.
I have been taking lots of pictures and notes. Yesterday, I mounted the cab on the frame for the final time. It is now just a matter of putting her back together.
I too, would like to see pictures...and I'm envious you are at the stage of re-assembling.
BioTex: what an excellent idea - a convertible Willys truck cab! And here I was planning a measly sunroof for our wagon... You beat me to the reality of the idea. From the pics of the 'rolled truck', it looks in pretty good condition. I guess the cab is all twisted up? You Texans are so luck with no major rust problems. Up here in the PNW, everything rusts way too quick.

All the best

Hey Pavel up North,
Yeah, pretty lucky, no rust. I was just going to replace the cab, when the "Might as wells" kicked in.