62 truck from Montana


Bigger Hammer
Nov 6, 2009
Kalispell, Montana
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  1. 1962
Greetings! grew up with a 61 Wagon and purchased my pick up off of ebay two years ago. Nothing stock except the body . . power steering, AT, small block . . .this truck came from Idaho--maybe someone here can give me some history on it?[attachment=0:v9msvsy1]Willys%2.jpg[/attachment:v9msvsy1]


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well hello there montanagirl, this is George we sold you the glass for your little blue truck. nice to see you here. Pete had invited me to join in on the site. you may be able to go to the mv. dept. and have them run a check on the title/vin number for previous owners.
Welcome Montanagirl...

Nice Pickup! I noticed the 8B Idaho plates in your pics... Came from Idaho Falls area? Not too far from me. How was your ebay buying experience? I've sold a car, and bought a little RV on Ebay. The sell wasn't so bad, but I'm not sure I'd buy another rig on ebay...

Hi Pete! This was my second auto purchase on Ebay. Both went smooth as glass. . .I had been watching for some time, and it seemed most rigs were back east or down in California. Not only was this truck in Idaho Falls, the guy who was selling it was golfing in Kalispell the following weekend! He offered to load it up and deliver it to my door. I think I ended up just paying his gas to get it here. Must have been meant to be! He had originally purchased it as a project for him and his son. They were going to make a rock crawler out of it and take it to Moab. They decided it was too nice of a rig for that, so they tweaked it a bit and turned around and sold it. No reserve on ebay, and I think I got a great deal. In hindsight, I don't know that I'd do ebay again, tho. . .it does take a bit of a leap of faith . . .
Welcome! The truck looks great. I really like the blue and white combo.
Montanagirl said:
. .it does take a bit of a leap of faith . . .

Yep, sounds like the planets aligned for your deal though-

glad to be here and see you still have big blue. did you talk your brother into joining in the fun form here yet :D . take care, George
Welcome from Flintville Tennessee. Very Nice truck! I just 'sold' my wagon on ebay to a scammer from England. I still have my wagon and a forged check for $3650 more than the selling price! He just wanted me to send the difference to his shipper back in England. 52wagon