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Oct 19, 2009
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  1. 1962
This is my second wagon, the first being a 51 2 x 4. I've missed the 51 and decided to buy this 62 Wagon 4 x 4, coming out of Denver, CO.( bought it from pictures and phone conversations) I'm a Willy-olic I guess and I think the Wagons are perfectly designed. I look forward in seeing your projects as well as showing you mine...and if I had the money (and my wife would allow it) I would buy up all the Wagons I came across - cornering the market just before I got institutionalized.
I was born and raised in Northern Minnesota and move south in '83, married for 34 years with two grown children.
Welcome from Flintville Tennessee. I just picked up my first Willys, a '52 wagon, but I have the disease of purchasing more vehicles. My wife of 1 year commented that our yard is looking like a used car lot! 52wagon
I get that urge myself once in awhile...I'd rather own it than see it crushed.
I have a '62 Wagon and a question ...

My front end is shaking bad and I'm trying to get it roadworthy ... Off the road now for 20+ years ...

Q: How do I trouble shoot the steering, etc, to determine what should be replaced?

P.S. This is my first post, so go easy on me :)

Will(ys) Springer
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Do yourself a favor willspring, just rebuild the knuckles/kingpins/bearings, REPLACE all the steering linkage, and go from there. It'll be the best $500 you've ever spent.