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Nov 24, 2009
Las Vegas
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Reaching out to all of you for the first and most likely not the last time. I have the whole front end off and was grinding the frame and repainting and was wondering about the shocks. Has anyone replaced them with a name brand, something you bought local? I know I can get them through Willy's America but wanted some feed back.

Thanks in advance and I will put pictures of my build up soon.
Vegas..take one with you to any local parts store...they should be able to fix you up...and I'll bet there are plenty of 4-wheel Shops out there as well. Good Luck!
That what I was thinking, thought someone might have been down this road and would have a suggestion.
I have had great luck with local parts store, NAPA here. If you can find an experienced person(old timer) behind the counter that is not afriad to look beyond the computer, like in the old paper books, you will do even better. Shocks should be no problem. Taking and old one in to match/double check is a great idea as well.
I too had luck with Napa. The guy was actually able to cross it over to a Willys Aero. Yup. Same shock. I have the part #, but can't get to it til next Monday. Let me know if you want it (if you have the time to wait).
aquawilly54 said:
I too had luck with Napa. The guy was actually able to cross it over to a Willys Aero. Yup. Same shock. I have the part #, but can't get to it til next Monday. Let me know if you want it (if you have the time to wait).

Steve, I need two fron shocks for my truck, so I'd like the part number please.

In fact, Pete, if you read this, maybe we could start a stickie with part numbers for various parts.....
I went to Pepboys today and tried to get shocks. Their computers don't go back to 1951. So I went to Checker/Oreilly's and picked up some Monro Matic #32207

Nothing fancy I am going to install tomorrow, will post pictures after.

Thanks for the input!
Well the Monroe's were about an inch too short so back they went. I knew it couldn't be this easy.

Steve definitely interested in the number from Napa.
How does one determine how much travel you need on shocks? For instance, if a wheel comes to a pothole, you don't want the shock topping out. All the force and weight of the wheel would try to pull the shock apart. What kind of measurement would you need if you extended the shock all the way out, an measured to the top shock mount assuming the bottom is mounted?

You might try asking for the shocks for a '62. If the computer goes back that far I think you'd get a good number and part. Do you have Advanced Auto by you? I took a chance one day there and found ignition parts for my '48 cj2a. They had to order, but the computer system had a listing. As a last resort, you can always give Walck's a call. Shipping might be a killer for you, heavy and PA to NV, but Carl will have them. http://www.walcks4wd.com/

You might also try Jungle Jim's Willys. I think he's in AZ, save on shipping. http://www.willysjeepparts.com/index.htm

I have received good service from both.
I did a little research on the shocks at Autozone.com. Put in 1957 it had no Willys so I went with jeep. Came up with trucks, no wagon. shocks came up as Gabriel Guardians. Front part #82007 rear# 81147. I went to NAPA crossed those numbers to NAPA's #'s - RR94038 for front, RR94008 for rear. If you pull up autozone's shocks, under the part, details come up. click on that and it will give you the travel dimensions for the shocks. I'll check tomorrow to see if the dimensions match my wagons shocks. Chuck
Gabriel 82007 1963 4WD Wagon, Front Shock Absorbers
Gabriel 82154 1963 4WD Wagon, Rear Shock Absorbers
Thanks for all the info. The old shocks were Gabriel Baja Ryder #64536. Couldn't even find that number at the Gabriel web site.

Gonna try 1 more place locally, the one I really don't like, 4 Wheel parts. I found this info on shocks, gonna try the Rancho's or Gabriel numbers and put them next to the old one. Same Gabriel numbers as BioTex posted.

The ones on my front were monroe matics with #'s 1004 P00503842 on them. Full length extended center hole to center hole is 18 1/2 and retracted 11 3/8. Match up the NAPA numbers above and see what they come up with. Chuck
My shocks are 19" hole to hole just sitting. I looked at the before mentioned shocks and most are 18" fully extended.

Went to 4 Wheel Parts and actually talked to a guy who was really interested in my wagon, usually they really don't talk to you unless your looking for a lift, rims, tires and whatever else they can get you to buy.

Found a Rancho #RS5118 that is 22" fully extended and 15" collapsed. Did a quick fit when I got home before I went to work and eveything looks good. Tight on the bottom mount, might need to grind a little back to get the washer on before the cotter pin.

Someone along the way must of put different leaf springs on. Only thing I can think of.
Personally I don't like Rancho shocks for every day street ride due to the extremely rough ride. They are pretty stiff even for off road.
The truck will ride rough as it is, so I'm not going to make it worse.
I had a set of Gabriel air shocks on mine previously. Guess the PO didn't want to spend for new springs.
The aboce mentioned Rancho's actually were a perfect fit. Had them both on in about 10 minutes. So for anyone who's wagon needs a longer shock these are an option for you.
The Willys numbers for the shocks are, front: 804407, rear: 909680. Most parts stores can cross these numbers over. One of the problems that I have found with installing shocks is the condition of the shock mounting studs, they are usually pitted and partially eroded away resulting in a loose fit inside the shock bushings. You can use electrical conduit with an ID the same as the OD of the shock mounting studs, cut a piece the same length as the mounting stud, clean the stud, apply a coating of epoxy and slide the conduit over the stud, wipe off the epoxy that oozes out. The extra thickness of the conduit makes for a tight fit in the bushing, a little silicone spray inside the bushing helps to get the bushing over the stud.