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Bigger Hammer
Jun 26, 2010
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So the story goes the old guy retired from the US Forest Service and got to take his 49 Willys Wagon with him. He went home and proceeded to rebuild his Willys with a 48 Jeepster Body, Chevy 265 V-8 engine and any other odd car part he could come up with. After completing his project he parked it in his garage and then passed away suddenly. The year as far as I can tell was 1971.

Fast foward 40 years and along comes a total nubie with the dumb idea to buy the thing and bring it back to life. New brakes, new wireing, new suspension, new fuel pump and lines, a lot of head scratching and SHAZAMM my girl, Her Royal Highness. Runs like a top (with a few bugs) and cleaned up rather nicely. I've seen a few Jeepster 4x4 conversions in the web but not one that used another Willys to make the jump. I've kept the cost to the bare minimum so that makes the fun (and the wife) a little sweeter. I hope all you fellow Willys addicts approve.


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Hey Flashman

Never been a big fan of Jeepsters but gosh, you gotta a real fine machine there. If Willys had only thought of a sporty 4 wheel drive back then, what do the yuppies call them now, SUV's? I bet they could have sold a few huh?? You have an awesome truck there. :D