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Jun 7, 2010
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I have a 1959 wagon and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea what I should ask for it. It is completely original, 2nd owner, runs great and only has 52,000 original miles. Has some minor dings but body for the most part is in great shape. No rust always been a California car. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again, Trainor
Post pictures of your Wagon and even then it would be hard to establish a price without seeing it first hand. And even as nice as you think it is, there will be hidden issues the new owner won't find until they get it home. A vehicle is worth the amount someone is willing to give you and you sell it...Without seeing it and learning some history on it , I would say you have a vehicle in the $5,000 - $7,000 range....the low mileage probably isn't a plus - vehicles that sit and aren't maintained develop weird problems. Let me ask you....would you jump into it now and drive 200 miles in it? Let me see some pic's...lot's of people here looking for projects.
I would have to agree with Kevin. Pictures will help a great deal, but the sitting and not being driven does tend to lead to multiple hidden issues. Seals and gaskets dry out and then leak, rust can form on internal parts not sitting under the oil levels, wheel cylinders can seize. Multiple things. Sight unseen I would say 4500-6500. California cars still get molested with rust from the salt water in the air if along the coast lines.

my 2 cents.

But there are a bunch of folks looking for runners and projects around here.
Eric B said:
But there are a bunch of folks looking for runners and projects around here.

I'm shopping... Sent you an email for more info and pics...