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Mar 19, 2010
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1955 wagon w/ a 235 in-line chevrolet running gear is all original. glass is all there , and the trip to the DMV looks like it could be fun . my kids look at it funny, maybe thinking "another piece of s--t". my brother told me how my mom n dad drove from nebraska to california in a 47 wagon in 1949, I think about that now and wonder how long did that take. I remember riding in my bro"s wagon(real slow) to mr. butterfields junk yard in the river looking for parts for his wagon. I don't plan on mutilating it just driving it. I traded a 89 electra glide for it and my friends laugh, but when the s--t talkers say they need a ride home or they are to drunk to "walk", they might change their tune.
55 willys said:
... I think about that now and wonder how long did that take...

Talk about saddle sore...

Welcome to the forum :cheers:

That 235 is a nice smooth running motor, what tranny do you have behind it?

Welcome to the forum, new guy buys cigars.
Welcome. Your wagon looks pretty good overall. Much better than the rust buckets we have up here in Michigan. Keep us informed of any projects. :cheers: