1. andyb462

    Timken axle rebuild - '47 Willys Truck

    Guys, just wanted to make a quick post on the rear axle from my '47 truck. Discovered Austin's (@Dual48s) amazing post (Ole & Lena... A Love Story) on this subject and wanted to share my experience. I took Austin's advice and made a puller for the pinion. My first attempt using a bearing...
  2. andyb462

    Hello from Ohio with the family’s 1947 farm truck!

    Hello everyone, my name is Andy and this morning I'm feeling very thankful for finding this forum. I'm in the middle of a frame off restoration of my grandfathers '47 pickup and was thoroughly confused by the rear (Timken) axle. @Vintage Don's posts on this subject are invaluable. Ok, more...
  3. zobie

    Gasket sealant for willys

    I'm just about to start going thru the front Dana 25 differential and rear timken differential and T90 transmission and t/c on my truck to inspect them and put in new seals bearings and gaskets as I beleive that the gears are probably ok "I hope so anyway". I would like to hear from those that...