1. oblvnnwtnjhn

    More than you ever wanted to know about oil additives, science based.

    I know of Lake Speed Jr because of his father which is famously from Clinton, MS and being from Jackson, we claim every famous person we can ie; William Faulkner, Oprah Winfrey. Worth the time to watch this presentation at the Porsche Club of America. Pay attention to the parts covering ZDDP...
  2. oblvnnwtnjhn

    Swepco lubricants

    I've not been happy with the oil pressure of the 15/40 once hot, started looking around at HD30 and went down a rabbit hole. A lot of the IH, air cooled VW/Porsche crowd are using Swepco products as they're a premium base stock and additives. https://www.swepcolube.com/about/ Swepco 306 comes...
  3. timd32

    My Maintenance Lubricants

    If any one would like to take a quick survey on what Maintenance Lubricants you use, I will share the results. No right or wrong answers, can do a few off the list, or the whole thing plus some more. Survey is here: MY MAINTENACE LUBRICANTS If you notice any issues let me know, I try to...
  4. FilmGuy

    "Optional" Oil Filter

    So, I have read that the oil filter was optional on the early P/U truck like my '47. I may be old fashioned, but I hate the idea of not having one. Has anyone added the Oil canister to a vehicle which didn't have one? Just looking for some thoughts and advice before I undertake this...
  5. rbowman

    226 rebuild help

    I have completely taken apart my truck and I am putting the engine back together now. Question: how does the timing chain get oiled? Does the oil galley plug have a hole? Or Does the little hole into the valve spring area not get covered with the gasket for the timing chain cover? Please help if...