build thread

  1. scottragee

    CJ-3A Build of "The Yellow Jeep" w Auto Shop Help

    This time has arrived to begin a build thread. First, the backstory posted in June when I joined the forum: "My father used to own a cattle ranch with two other partners in eastern Oregon for 30 years. In 1995 they sold it, and his CJ-2A, which had been his ranch/hunting jeep for 30 years...
  2. Junk2Jewel

    '61 Longroof LJ Swap

    Here We Goooooo......."Context is Decisive" here's the background: Staging for our build started a couple years ago when I fell into a nice '61 (my birth year) Willys Wagon body/frame with some parts. My then teenage son was still driving his first car, a '99 Cherokee Classic (his birth...
  3. The build starts on 57 Willys/48Ford/unknown Chevrolet bed

    As you can see from the title, i have a mutt... but i love it. I am starting to work on drivability and security and wiill maintain it during the summer with plans to do major work in the winter. So to start, the Flathead V8 works great, might go to electronic ignition to make it more...
  4. yellowoctupus

    1955 Willys Powerwagon

    This is going to be a daily driver pickup with the ability to tow/ haul/ wheel/ do whatever I need. Starting with: 1955 Willys Pickup. No rust to speak of, needs a glass set. Hood's setup right now to be a 'front flip' style, I'm not sure I want to keep it that way in the long run, but it...