1. Corker

    2wd body swap with 4wd wagon??

    I've got a line on a 49 body that I might be able to use to replace the 51 that I have that was crushed by a tree at the end of November. Does anyone know if the body mounts were different for a 2wd vs a 4wd? We're talking from the cowl back, so no hood, grille, or front fenders. I've also...
  2. surftahoe

    New w 51 Willys Station Wagon

    Hello, I've got a 51 Willys 4 Wheel Drive Station Wagon. Glad to be a part of a forum dedicated to these awesome machines! My Willys is operating but not fully functions at this point by any means and I'll be looking for advice. Looking forward to starting this project and you all being a part...