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Old Willys Forum Calendar, click here to get yours!
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New Gauge Face Decals for 1950-1956 Wagons, Pickups, and Jeepster $20.00
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1952-1956.5 style font gauge face decals
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1950.5 to 1951 style font gauge face decals
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Dan Bowermaster is producing these new gauge face decals to make restoring your gauges a snap. These are correct color and fonts for both the early and late font type faces used on 1950-1956 Willys Wagon and Pickup gauges.

Choose which font type you’d like, early or late, then click Ad to Cart.

OldWillysForum All-Star members will receive a $2.00 rebate on these decals. If you aren’t already an All-Star member, it’s worth the membership for loads of discounts from your favorite Willys Vendors.
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Pre-Order limited production run of 12v LED Tail Light Kit for '52-'63 Willys Station Wagon $130.00
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12v LED Tail Light Kit for '52-'63 Station Wagons

These LED Tail lights are are hand made one at a time right here in the OldWillysForum Headquarters Garage by Joseph Anderson. They are a direct bolt-in replacement for the factory stock tin bulb holder. These lights are super bright, and are a vast improvement over the 1157 bare bulb.

These kits come with a secondary LED bulb that mounts in place the factory reflector on the chrome bezel. This "bullet" LED bulb is wired with the brake/turn circuit to make your wagon even more noticeable. This extra bulb does require some drilling, to the bezel and body of the wagon. Note, the LED lights can be used without this secondary bulb if you don't want to drill your wagon.

The lights are dipped in a waterproof conformal coating, and all of the wire connections are soldered for long life.

The kit includes a pair of LED light boards, a pair of secondary "bullet" LED bulbs, mounting hardware, and wiring. Bezel and wiring quick disconnect shown in pictures not included.

These lights may require a "fixed-rate" or "No-load" flasher for the turn signals in your wagon, as they don't draw enough load for a conventional flasher to operate correctly (a regular thermal flasher will flash faster).

Price includes USPS priority flat rate shipping to your door, in the continental US. Shipping outside the US extra... If you are order from outside the US, we will invoice you via Paypal for the extra shipping cost.

These are a hand made limited production item. Joseph will be making 15 sets of lights in this run. If you would like a set, get your order in before they are gone! The lights will be shipping late January 2020.

These lights are 12v, but can be made in 6v upon request. Note that the bullet light that mounts in the bezel is only available in 12v but will still work on 6v at a reduced brightness.

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OldWillysForum Limited Edition Shift Knob $75.00
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OldWillysForum Limited Edition Shift Knob:

These custom shift knobs are hand made one at a time right here in the USA by
1954 Design. They are incredible quality, with a hand etched, patina brass insert that feels great in your hand and has a very cool old-timey look.

They come with an adapter insert to fit threaded shifters in your choice of: 5/16-18, 5/16-24, 3/8-16, and 3/8-24.

Note: If your shifter is unthreaded, you will need to thread it in one of the sizes listed above to use the knob. This knob will not work as a direct replacement for the push-on type factory knobs.

Price includes USPS shipping to your door, in the continental US. Shipping outside the US extra...
Allow a few weeks from the time or your order to get them made.

We are only going to make a hand-full of these, so if you want one, order it today...
Get 'em while they are hot!
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OldWillysForum Official Keychain $8.00
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OldWillysForum Keychain:

These key chains are hand cast aluminum with a bas-relief of the forum logo. They are 1 1/2" in diameter, so they won't fill up your pocket with bulk...

The as-cast aluminum can be polished, and the key-ring tab can be cut off if you want to use it for a medallion or insert for your dash or what ever other clever place you can think of to put one.

Allow a few days USPS from here to your hot little hands. Longer if you live overseas...

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OldWillysForum Stickers
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OldWillysForum Stickers:

These stickers are 3" round high quality screen printed with UV protection.
These gems will last outside and will look awesome on the back of your Willys...

Prices are as follows:

1 Sticker: $3
2 Stickers: $5
3 Stickers: $7
5 Stickers: $10

include shipping.

All-Stars will receive two stickers gratis for their membership support. If you are a current All-Star member and would like more than two, you can purchase additional stickers and I will send them all together to save on postage.
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U-Print Forum Cards
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See a nice Willys on the street and want to let the owner know about the forum? Download this free MS Word file and print your own cards... Get your scissors handy-
Free! Click here to download: forumcards.doc