Rubicon with Fab Rats and Matt's Off Road Recovery


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Mar 1, 2019
Anderson, California
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  1. 1946
Thank you Joe !
Always wondering what will yield or break. I liked the Corvair Wagon trail-buggy of Matt's. It looks like something Rodney might conjure up. So as you watch the video, suspension articulation and Loooow-gearing is a must have for comfort, sanity and the well being of your machine. I always run with a hitch ball stinger hanging out the back to act as a skid for lowering the rig down without a crunch or Bang.
The trail will test how well set-up your vehicle is for Sloow-Goooing. Lots of braking to ease down over obstacles.

In my 18-summers of running this Rubicon Trail, my preferred route is to enter from either Loon Lake spillway, or, drive in through Wentworth Springs (has some good obstactes), then drive in to Buck Island Reservoir. Camp at Buck, then maybe drive down the Big Sluice to the bridge at the Rubicon River, and turn around, and drive back out. Reversing direction allows us to climb back up and over the obstacles we traverse down while going in. Ha !!

I have not traversed the Rubicon since August 2001 (my last year), and some folks have told me that tires larger than 35" will be of benefit for clearance. If we are equipped with good skid plating and power steering box protection, we normally can slide through on a whisper. or a Shout Out. hahahaha

There is challenge after challenge.
Walker Hill is a dusie of a climb. next, the Little Sluice can have challenges. Next, beyond is going down the Slabs headed towards Buck Island reservoir, or, stay high-to-the-right, and follow the trail up high and traverse over to what is called the Big Old Sluice, and drop down to Buck Island. Climbing back up the Big Old Sluice is a must-do once.

All in a days work (and white-knuckling) . :)