station wagon

  1. parrottt

    1961 Station Wagon gauge question

    I have a 1961 Station Wagon. It has an generator and a oil light on each side of the speedometer. There is a temperature gauge in the speedometer. There are no gauges and I can't find where they might have been mounted. Did this model have gauges? Thanks....... Bill
  2. brad wagon

    New to forum - '47 Wagon in Canada

    I’m the process of restoring / restomodding a 1947 station wagon. It’s got a 4.3 l V6 with TBI and a 4 speed manual, but kept the original 2 stick transfer case. Upgraded with disc brakes and power steering. Just got out of paint. Now comes the fun part of remembering how I took it apart.
  3. TwelveL14

    1962 Willys Wagon

    This wagon has been in my wife's family since forever. Her Dad was a mechanic and over the years owned and restored a variety of Jeeps, Willys, Internationals, and MGs. Lately he's been working on a nice Commando. This particular wagon was my daily driver up until about 18 months ago when the...
  4. surftahoe

    New w 51 Willys Station Wagon

    Hello, I've got a 51 Willys 4 Wheel Drive Station Wagon. Glad to be a part of a forum dedicated to these awesome machines! My Willys is operating but not fully functions at this point by any means and I'll be looking for advice. Looking forward to starting this project and you all being a part...
  5. prograsys

    Hello, It's my 48's Willys Station Wagon from Ecuador

    Hi, Well, he was always in the family, it was my grandfather, when he died in 1995, although he had it painted and everything you worked, no one would take care of it, and spent five years in the open until finally I could convince my grandmother that I sold it. At the beginning as expected...