1. KYJoe

    How to bench test my Autolite mz-4137 starter

    Simple n00b question...I'm going through electrical troubleshooting steps on my 1948 Truck that hasn't ran in 10 years and have pulled my original autolite mz-4137 starter because it hasn't been out in 40 years or so and I would like to service and test it on the bench. My suspicion is that it's...
  2. Super Hurricane 226 Build Not Starting, Could Use Some Help

    Hey guys, its been a while. Life, school, and my Ford truck build have taken priority as of late, but the Willys was not forgotten. What I am coming to you for this time is the fact taht I tried starting the engine with a healthy battery and new gas, and nothing happened. I mean nothing as in...
  3. starter issues

    Replaced starter, solenoid and voltage regulator last year... had a great two days 4 wheeling in my wagon then on the way home, it would not start / turn over. The amp meter was making some clicking sounds and the meter was flickering some while cruising around in the woods but no issues...