1. diegux

    Great MOD for adding front TURN and DAY RUNNING lights - 3D Printing

    Hello from Argentina my friends !!! Today I will share with you my 3D printing work for adding DRL and Turn lights. I started with these Acco covers only I will use the clear lens as DRL and will modify the blackout lens for turning signal Then you will need some dotted or...
  2. Electrical System ???

    I am new to this whole restoration process and am looking for troubleshooting assistance. I have a 59 Willys Truck that I am in the process of restoring, it starts and runs, but none of the lights or blinkers work. I did tinker with the wiring and got them to work for about 5 minutes until I...
  3. WoodHacker

    Rebuilding original tail lights?

    I have a trailer made from a 1949 (I"m told) pickup truck. The tail lights appear to be original equipment. Today I needed to remove them and every one of the mounting bolts broke with very little effort. Even the bulbs are rusted in place but the lenses are good. I have some WD-40 soaking...