1. scramboleer

    Reproduction 1950-1956 FUEL OIL AMP TEMP gauge labels now available via OWF store

    All, Some of you have asked where you could buy the "rub-on" gauge labels described here. Now thanks to Pete, you can order them directly via the OWF store. Here's a picture of the 1950.5 to 1951 style: Here's the 1952 to 1956 style: These are sold in sets of four (FUEL OIL AMP TEMP)...
  2. PhxJim

    Left overs

    Most of these can be had for the cost of shipping and handling. If they work out for you add the cost of lunch out. You decide if I eat at McDonnalds or Red Robin etc.:) sale 25 by SSRJim, on Flickr sale 24 by SSRJim, on Flickr sale 23 by SSRJim, on Flickr sale 22 by SSRJim, on Flickr...
  3. Wagon Parts Interior, gauges

    I have two sets of gauges, gauge bezels, glove box doors, window cranks arm rests and a few other parts I was going to use in my 54 wagon. Interested in any please e-mail me I have no need for the parts, selling at a reasonable price. Pictures on request. Will trade for...