1. parrottt

    1961 Station Wagon gauge question

    I have a 1961 Station Wagon. It has an generator and a oil light on each side of the speedometer. There is a temperature gauge in the speedometer. There are no gauges and I can't find where they might have been mounted. Did this model have gauges? Thanks....... Bill
  2. WillysAZ

    New here, need new speedometer module for 1963 Willys CJ5

    Hi there, I'm new and this is my first post, not sure how to navigate. Need a few things for my 1963 Willys CJ5 Jeep - first thing is a rebuilt speedometer module - current one: only the speedometer works, other gauges don't, and paint flaking off inside it. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to...
  3. scramboleer

    Reproduction 1950-1956 FUEL OIL AMP TEMP gauge labels now available via OWF store

    All, Some of you have asked where you could buy the "rub-on" gauge labels described here. Now thanks to Pete, you can order them directly via the OWF store. Here's a picture of the 1950.5 to 1951 style: Here's the 1952 to 1956 style: These are sold in sets of four (FUEL OIL AMP TEMP)...