1. scramboleer

    2021 OWF calendar picture preview and feedback thread

    All, The 2020 "calendar photo preview thread" worked well last year, so here we go for 2021. Goals (and I quote): Give us an opportunity throughout the year to sharpen our photo skills. Keep the topic top of mind so we would remember to take pictures for possible submission. Get suggestions...
  2. scramboleer

    2019 OWF calendar results

    The results of the 2019 OWF calendar voting are in... and here are the top 12 pictures. (Note: if your Willys was chosen, please email me a high-res file. My email address is the same as my forum Also, if you prefer a certain month for your Willys, let me know. Otherwise, I...
  3. scramboleer

    Runoff for 2019 OWF calander

    The votes are in and it's very close: we need to have a runoff for the last two Willys. Please vote for two of the following five pictures by clicking "like" at the bottom. Voting ends midnight Pacific tomorrow (11/12/2018). Thanks to all and every vote counts.
  4. scramboleer

    2019 OWF calendar

    OWF forum members, The 2017 and 2018 Old Willys Forum calendars proved to be big hits, so it's back for 2019. Here's the overview (basically the same as year's previous). Please post one picture per member and we're moving the date up to get it to you hopefully in time for Christmas): 2019...
  5. scramboleer

    2017 OWF calendar

    Forum members, Many of you have asked for an Old Willys Forum calendar that highlights our rigs (running or not), so after talking to Pete, we are going to give it a go for 2017. Here's the overview: 2017 calendar (12 months) Very simple Each month will feature a forum member's Willys...