yf carter carb problems


Knuckle Buster
Feb 1, 2010
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Hi! Guy I'am new to the forum joined back on the 20th of Jan. and have been busy trying to get the old truck running it been stitting for a couple of years now. I cleaned the gas tank and fuel lines and put a new kit in the carb but can't get it to run. It will run as long as you pump the gas petal its like the idle circuit is stoped up or something these carb are pretty simply my f-head had a wa-1 on it. Any help would be nice I know its something simple I'am over looking :eek:
My experience has been to dissmantle it again and soak it in a bucket of carb cleaner(for a day or so)then blow air thru all the little passage ways,if you find some plugged a fine wire and torch tip cleaners will help.Corrosion,dirt who knows what is probably the problem,take your time and make sure the gaskets match the old ones,good luck I know how frustrating they can be,also look for any vacuum leaks....Jim
Sometimes you can use a can of carb spray and put the tube in to the idle circuit holes and get some decent results. Been there done that. I strongly agree with the carb soaking though.