year determination


Bigger Hammer
Nov 28, 2009
Willys Model
Willys Year:
what year is a jeep pickup with the ash tray in the 1/2 circle shape and on top of the dash?
Need more info than just the ash tray shape to tell the year, but by the description it must be older than the 47-65 wagons and trucks like most of us here have. Early 47+ dash had square instrument cluster and square ashtray. 49+ had round speedo with additional gauges in a strait line under speedo and square ash tray. Not sure when they went to the all in one round instrument cluster, but still had the square ash tray.
at first glance when i got this pickup, i thought it was a 1949, painted hood ornament, rectanglar insterment panel , glove box style tool boxes under seat. the passenger door has burnt orange knobs and the vent window is not made to open. the ash tray is where the winshield wiper knob is on other pickups. somewhere i saw a station wagon jeep the same way. also the cowl on mine has the seam. that ash tray really has me wondering
The square instruments indicate late 40's, is the hood the steep V shape or flatter V? the hood was changed after 48. The rear window size went from small to full width in 53. The tailgate had the WO stamp until 53 when Kaiser bought out Willys-overland. Not sure on the ashtray though. Maybe with some of the visual cues it will help date your truck, but remember that the year of manufacture and the year of title are not always the same, many were titled in whatever year they were sold.

So if yours is original 49 it should have the steep V grill, the small rear window, and if you got lucky the WO tailgate.