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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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So we all got thru another weekend and lived to tell about it. Got more roundy round racin in on Friday. Had almost 14 cars this week. Darn kids are kickin my butt. Worked yea ole fender on Sunday to get more hole filled in the rear fender of my old Willys. I am hoping this photo shows where we are. I have sheetmetal parts from a 1991 S10 truck and a 1998 Dodge Neon also. The gauge appeared to be right So I went with it. Cost free... :D

I have almost 3 weeks of off and on work. Everytime I think I am about done, i hold the fender up to the light and I see more holes. I have heard the Fiberglass ones are 300.00 so far I am into this one for a tank of welding gas ($45) and and maybe some welding wire. No more swiss cheese fender.

Anybody have any thoughts for undercoat sealing of this fender???

Thanks for any help
Gojeep said:
Looks like a nice patch there. Did the curve happen to match from the donor?
hey Go Jeep

This fender rebuild job is never ending. The blue part on the fender is actually a flat part of a 1991 S10 cab. I bent it around a piece of exhaust pipe which appears to be about the same radius as the original. Last night I was wire brushing the underside to get it ready to accept some undercoat, and wouldnt you know the power wire brush goes right thru the side of the fender. I get a new piece all tacked in and wire brush some more and wouldnt you know more holes right next to the new patch I just tacked in place. I think when I am done I will have a steel fender made up of mostly .025 welding wire melted down and ground down to look like a 1960 Willys Jeep fender. Thank God I am old and stupid and like to repair parts that should junked. Something about saving a piece of American history.

I have used the rubberized under-coat in a can and HATE IT...sprayed as much on myself and the floor...finally bought a can of Herculiner...bedliner-undercoat....BEAUTIFUL...use a brush or a small roller, not the cheapest, but when a product's worth it.
Had to take a break from the rust for a bit (went to Kansas to see my son). Got the other rear fender off to inspect for termite damage(oh boy). I got most of the inner flange done on the fender. I basically made a cardboard template and cut out a new one. got it all tacked inplace. next comes the curved sections...I have one side all bent to shape (old S10 truck sheetmatal again). The compound curve is gonna be tough again. This fender I may end up just reskinning. I have a 11.00" wide piece of a S10 roof sheetmetal all ready to tack inplace. The hard part will be keeping it all lined up. I trimmed up 6 pieces of 1/2"x 1/2" of steel tube I am planning on tacking to the new inner flange and run it over to where the top of the fender curves down. Hope it works out. Gonna take me a while...I am very blessed with a wonderful wife who puts up with all my grinding.
mikec :)))
Hey Michael

The bottom lip was a combination of many small pieces. I actually took a piece of 18 gauge and cut it to about 1/2 to 5/8" wide (maybe 9" long) and just bent it the shape, tack welded it on each end and then cut pieces of the S10 roof to fit in the space where the rust used to reside(lots of slight bending of course). I have to tell you Michael, this is a very old and very smelly Willys truck. It looks ok from 20 feet (kinda like my racecar), get up close to it, you can see all the seams where I patched it. I dont believe in bondo, around these parts (upstate NY) all it does is absorb moisture and crack and bubble. But from 20 feet these old fenders look great.

I was scared you would say something like that! The rest is do able but that curve is killing me!!!!!
Still haven't started on them just practice fab, for now.