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Aug 10, 2010
Manchester, CT
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Anyone out there have info on getting a GOOD wiring schematic for early Willys wagons? My "new" shop manual has a schematic but it's just black lines on white paper with no reference to wiring color. I'm sure it would be easy enough to figure out, but my Willys has suffered many years of owner wannabe electrical engineers using one-color wire for everything!! Thanks for any help you can give

Thanks, Bill. I appreciate the schematic and your response. The more I look at Nelson's (the Willys adoptive name) wiring, the more I'm surprised it's not a pile of burnt charcoal! Looks like I'm gonna be doing a wiring "make-over". Lotsa nice kits available. too.


You are welcome. Very nice '48 wagon by the way, looks great. I have a 48 wagon also, maybe you have already seen the pix. I haven't had much time lately to work on it, but so far I have reconned the complete braking system and tuned up the F134. Keep us posted on your progress, I am always looking for tips and ideas.
Hey Lee, from the sounds of it, you will be much better off, (and probably money ahead), if you just scrap the old harness and replace it with a new one. You can do it for around $300.00 and a weekend or two's worth of labor. I'm telling you, it will be the single best investment in reliability you can make in "Nelson," (great name!). I know it sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but it is more than doable and well worth the time invested. There are several companies out there making harnesses, but I would go with one that is factory correct and made specifically for your make and model of Willys; in other words, stay away from the universal or "one size fits all" type of harness. these are great for scratch built rail buggies and stock cars, but definitely not the way to go with your pride and joy. Anyway, that's my two cents. Good luck, have fun and keep us posted! Cleophus
Greg, I've had the opportunity to rewire a couple of cars, and it is a most gratifying job to see the systems "power up" without smoke. Before I start laying wires, though, there will be some electrical changes. I was able to get an original instrument cluster from Montana Overland (George is very helpful, and service is quick, too) that I want to send to Classic Instruments to have modern gages installed that still look original. I want to change the amp meter to a volt meter, and change the temp scale to read 260* instead of 212*


Nice project, wiring a car from stem to stern can be daunting. I have taken a page from the street rodders book and use an outfit called EZ Wiring. Their website is www.ezwiring.com. Just looked in a magazine and the 21 circuit wiring kit is $185.00. I have used it for three Landcruisers, 72 Blazer 58 and a 48 Willys. It is very easy if you follow the directions. I would not go with the original 6 volt wiring system for a modern car unless you are building a show restoration. I like the modern technology in a old body like the Willys. If I can figure out how to put my photos on the build site I will show one of my projects. A 48 Willys wagon & frame with toyota landcrusier underpinnings. Chevy V8, Landcruiser 5 speed, Ranger overdrive, lockers etc. Good luck on your Willys.