Willys Truck/Wagon Trivia! Does anyone have a pic of...

CJ Steak

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Oct 5, 2009
Hutto, TX - Near Austin
Willys Model
Willys Year:
An original Willys pickup/wagon cigarette lighter?
An original lug wrench and jack?

And just because it seems I have 1 of every Willys rim ever made... but not nearly a full set... how about a pic of a "correct" 16" Willys rim for a standard model 1962 pickup truck?

These are just questions i've had rolling around in my head for way too many years and just never bothered to ask anyone. I feel that the cigarette lighter I have in my truck right now is reeeally close to an original. It's a 1980-1986 Ford truck lighter. I forgot where I had seen an original pic... (maybe in the owners manual?) of an original Willys lighter, but I remember the Ford lighter being nearly identical in size and shape. The only difference was the Ford lighter has a knurled edge to grab, and the Willys is smooth.

Looking forward to the feedback.

Here's a shot of proper rim... cigarette lighter gone on my '62 parts truck, and of course jack is even longer gone...


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Thanks for your reply, it's MUCH appreciated. I figured that rim was the correct style for a 60's pickup. The others I have are very round in the middle and look like CJ2-3 rims.

I wonder if these trucks came with a bottle type jack or a bumper type jack. If so, I wonder where WIllys put the jack brackets. I'm sure they didn't just toss them under the seat when the trucks were new. Or maybe they did! hahaha... wouldn't put it past 'em...
Wow that's a really great pic of an original lighter. I'd take a guess and say that lighter came out of an early deluxe wagon with ivory steering wheel and knobs??

Thanks for the pic.