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Jan 18, 2010
Mechanicville ny
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Hi Everyone

Been tinkering on old 1960 Willys truck for a couple years now. It came with no spare tire bracket, located one through Mark Tolman up in Maine. I bolted everything in where the original one was mounted. I am not running large tires, infact when I went to purchase tires for it I told them (at the tire store) it came with 7.50-16's. They assurred me the rubber that I purchased was as close to the original size as they could find. My question is. what size rubber fits on the factory spare tire bracket???? right now I have a spare bungee corded to the back of the front panel on the pickup box.
Any insight would be a wonderful thing.
I just mounted a LT215/85R16 on my spare and it fits with about a 1/4 inch clearance between the fender and tire.
Dont know if this will help. I still have the original manual that came with my truck. It dosent say anything about the spare but it says the tires are 7.00 x 16.