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Dec 7, 2010
everson pennsylvania
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Hi every one,looking to put a shackle reversal and wider springs on my 63 wagon any suggestions.I am using latet wagoneer axles,1976 vintage also would like to upgrade rear springs as well..,any help or ideas would be helpful.thanks Marvin Keller
Hi Marvin. Geez, many of tonight's posts are what I have had experience with, so here goes with what I know about your shackle question. About a year or so ago, I installed shackles on MY 63 Wagon to jack up the rear end so the wagon would have more room for snow chains. I still had a pair of shackles that I made in metal shop in High School a hundred years ago! I "fabricated" new leaf spring bushings while I had it apart. The shackles did the job and now the wagon is chained up on all four in the Winter when it's duties are mainly being the Homestead's Plow Truck. I have had no problems with this modification and it gave the old Wagon that "Hot Rod Stance". You can buy new shackles online if you are just wanting to replace what you have. Good Luck with your project.
http://www.cardomain.com/ride/3805815/1 ... lys-pickup
im also looking at upgrading the rear springs on my wagon at the same time i do an axle swap, a local guy put stock Xj(cherokee) springs in the rear of his hotrod willys pickup, was wondering if anyone else has done a spring swap and/or Spring over axle?

sorry not trying to hi-jack ^.^ staying on topic