Willys Overland- Workhorse of Industry


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Sep 17, 2009
Hailey, Idaho
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Willys Model
  1. Wagon
Willys Year:
  1. 1960
Part One:

Part Two:
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Pete, the language in those videos is outrageously vile and profane, ie.
"I thought, jeepers -- that's just what I need!"

That accident cost analyses will bring you back to a time when the dollar was worth just a bit more.

...and gas was just a bit less: "...drove 1500 miles on $15.35 worth of gas." :shock:

And this one throws political correctness right out the window:
"If there's any bigger thrill than a dog and a gun, it's a car to take you and your dog and a gun anywhere you want to go." :thumbup:

Good find, Pete.
Beautiful stuff! Makes me yearn for what could have been... (but we all know what direction the jeep 'compass' has pointed lately).

And if there's any bigger thrill than a dog and a gun its a dog and a gun and a bird! :beer:
OMG, this is hillarious!!! I love the comment "It's arresting personality". GREAT stuff!! thanks for posting! :lol:
These video clips are great. My heart swells with pride of ownership. It seems these mechanical beasts can do no wrong. I dig my Willys wagon and, although it may lack some "Creature comforts" it's a handy vehicle to have around. It's a cool piece of Americana. a real "Kick butt" car!
History people....history. The past, great memories, even if I have to view it on old film....thanks Pete!
Notice in the part where looking out the windshield, cars from the teens and twenties still being used. I never knew a 2 wheel drive pickup was made either.