Willys in the snow

Tony,thats pretty cool,looks like you got hit pretty good with snow,we only got about 6" here,must be all the good living on this side of Rochester lol,your engine sounds real good,like the muffler.....careful you don't mar up the paint.......Jim
Wow!!! Looks like fun. Where did you find all that snow? :lol: Its about 70' here. I do miss living where there is 4 seasons. Have fun.

Truckedup,that snow was great example of how the "lake effect storm"hits around here,we didn't get to much but about 3miles south they got about a 1' and in a 10' mile stretch south of that places got up to 3 1/2' and then it dropped right off again,the Willys Gods must have taking care of us,pays to keep sacrificing to the rusty steel idols,have a good day......Jim
Looks like fun we have only had a few fourths here and there in Pa

And I fish tailed in my wagon once and trying to counter steer I jammed my finger on the door cuz the steering wheel is so larg it hert for like 2 weeks
Hey TruckedUp

So how is the ole girl to drive in the snow???...From what I can feel and see from driving mine (around the yard so far). I hadnt better be in a rush and I'll have my hands full driving it as far as the manual steering and a huge steering wheel to boot....How does it compare to your daily driver???....Oh yeah...please dont paint it....Maybe a coat of clear sealer to keep the patina..it looks awesome just the way it is...I love the way it looks..
How does it go in the snow? Well,you can sorta see our two daily drivers in the video,both 99 Cherokees 5 speed 4x4's.The Cherokees have straight axles,weight about the same as the Willys but have softer suspension and more than twice the HP. The Willys is a little better in the deep field snow most likely because of the almost new 9.50 x 30 BF Goodrich radial A/T tires.And a lack of power helps. :mrgreen:
And we just love the Jeep Cherokees,had a few of them over the years. They are cheap ,lightweight,reasonably powerful and the last real Jeep with straight axles front and rear.When ya pull the lever into 4x4 a rod engages the front drive like a real Jeep,no vacuum motors or electronics to hang up.Some of that old Willys feeling is in the Cherokee.If the roads weren't salted here during the winter my wife would drive the Willys full time.
Action video was super...but you don't need to paint her....Merry Christmas!