Willy fit ?


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Oct 31, 2009
Ellensburg Wa.
Willys Model
Willys Year:

How big is your shoe-horn? :mrgreen:
Looks like some firewall and tunnel work in your future. I'm guessing that bell housing is huge.

I wonder if you had to get creative with the firewall if you could gain a bunch of room by making a bit of a dashboard and push the dash and front seats back..........if you needed to. Just thinking out loud.
That would be kinda nice you could have an actual glovebox & enough room for....................stuff. I'm not talkin' like that Mercury minivan with a dash the size of the deck on an aircraft carrier but something.
"My dad's got this awsome set of tools dude, we can fix it."
I had planned on doing some firewall work and building a custom dash already, maybe a tilt front end. Getting kinda cold in the garage now, 15 degrees today
GWH said:
Getting kinda cold in the garage now, 15 degrees today

Ya, it's starting to get a little chilly on the wet side too. Not that bad but colder than I like to be turning wrenches and smacking knuckles :evil:

If I'm going to get anything done over the winter I'm gonna have to figure out how to close off a section of the shop. Maybe I just need a bigger door to my office :shock:
Make a big canvas tent around it with a turbo space heater, use 2x4 framing or move it into the living room!