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Bigger Hammer
Oct 27, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
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Valdosta, Ga. is the home of Wild Adventures Theme Park where this static display is.[attachment=2:3824ao3d]wild 1.JPG[/attachment:3824ao3d][attachment=3:3824ao3d]wild 2.JPG[/attachment:3824ao3d][attachment=4:3824ao3d]wild 3.JPG[/attachment:3824ao3d] So you Scout II fans are not left out


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The Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels Texas has a late 50's Willys Wagon with complete PTO winch on it and all the fun accessories. I spotted it from the floating bar... grabbed a couple beers with my brother and swam out to it. I was honestly thinking of how hard it would be to sneak in a couple of crescent wrenches and walk out with the PTO goodies...

I'm sure if I had my fair share of beer it would've been possible... but alas, at 4 dollars a can, 2 was enough to quench my thirst that day.