who used $X$ panals in 49


Bigger Hammer
Dec 4, 2010
Cheyenne WY
Willys Model
Willys Year:
What companys were using 4x4 panal deliverys in 1949? How would you figgure out the origonal company that had a panal?

Just wondering on a cold night.

Laundry - Dry Cleaners, Grocery Store, Mining ...just my thoughts on a warm morning in Georgia.
I think many could have been used in the military and for Park service duty. The original Transport Yellow color of mine supposedly was common for Willys used by the air force.

Unfortunately, I think it would be pretty hard to track down the history of a specific vehicle unless you get lucky and find one with a good oral history to go along with it. The paperwork trail in most states goes pretty cold much before the 60's. I wish I could figure out more about the history of my wagon, but I only made it back to the 80's before I hit a wall.
I would think that plumbers or other services like that may have used em too.

My 2 cents cuz I honestly have no idea. My parents weren't even born in '49. Could get on the horn with Grandpa to see if he remembers at all.