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Jun 26, 2010
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Earlier in the summer I asked about replacement seat ideas for my 48 Jeepster and got no replys. That's ok as I know some of you are pureists and abhore the thought of taking out those old crusty, uncomfortable split bench seats original to the Willys. The problem is the Mrs. can't stand em, and that boys is a real delima. So with determination (and absolutley no experience) I started my quest.

I wanted tan leather buckets so I could claim to have the original "King Ranch Willys" and of course I didn't want to pay a ton so when I read an add for, Mitusbishi Eclipse seats, $20 bucks," get them out of my garage" I decided there was little downside to bringing them home. As a complete newbie I had really never seen seats removed from a car so I figured at least I could fiddle around with them until I found more. As you would expect the front buckets were trashed from a wreck but the complete back seat was in excellent shape. I dropped it in and that thing fit like a glove. The backs were secured to the orginal folding back frame and with a few cleats, some zip ties and some plywood I've got a sweet set up. Folded down it makes a good map table. Thanks for all your great rebuild ideas, I check the Old Willys forum almost daily.
Now that you've peaked our interest, you've gotta post a few pics of your setup...

Nothing wrong with making the vehicle something that you will use and enjoy. Besides, there are lots of people looking for original seats so you should be able to find them a good home.

I agree with Pete, let's see some pics...I like jeepsters too :D
Hey Mark

I have a set of 1995 Dodge Neon (4 door sedan) bucket seats in my 1960 Willys truck. The old bench seat just didnt feel right and there were no belts either. I had the seats left over from my racecar parts car. They also have part of the seat belt attached to the seat frame. So it all worked out in the end. I took both the seats and the seat belts too. I now have semi modern seats with support for my head and neck. There is a reason the cars today have high back buckets seats. There is support for the upper body in event of a crash. Those old bench seats (and low back buckets too) are not nearly as safe as the seat you have in your Willys now. Just wish you could have found some American made seats for the American made truck.
Just my 2 cents

Just kidding on the pureist comment. Mine is so far gone I couldn't bring it back if I wanted to. Just last week when I got the radiator soldered the guy thought it came out of a 1960s Catapillar tractor. That makes 12 different vehicles identified so far. So a Hot Rod she shall be.

Pete, I've tried to attach some pictures but it says the file is too big. Kinda wierd since I've posted pics here before. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks.
flashman said:
Pete, I've tried to attach some pictures but it says the file is too big. Kinda wierd since I've posted pics here before. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks.

How big are the files? You may have to reduce them before you post them.

Sorry, I'm having trouble posting pics from my hard drive. This is a link to a post over at E-Willys from last week with a few shots of the leather back seat. For me (and probably most rookies) getting lucky on this upgrade was a major achievment. I'm impressed daily with some of the stuff I see folks doing to thier Willys on this site.