Who has the best weather stripping ?


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Dec 6, 2010
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Hey all,
What kind of luck have you had with your new weather stripping as far as fitting,sealing and being able to close doors and tailgates without having to slam them after the new stuff is installed. I have replaced alot of weatherstripping on classic cars but never a willys wagon and I know that the quality varies tremendously with different brands/suppliers. Who has the best?
I've had good luck with Walcks stuff on a wagon and a truck. On a related note, has anybody tried any of the generic stuff you can buy by the foot from hot rod suppliers, or even JC Whitney? I was looking at some window channel, door weatherstripping, etc., and it can be a lot cheaper than the made-to-order stuff at KaiserWillys or Walcks.
The Jeepsterman has a pretty good selection of weather stripping and they seem to be the best price for direct fit seals. I don't have any experience with fit yet (truck isn't to that point), but I plan on getting what I need from them.
Not sure if anyone has looked into Steele Rubber for the trucks/wagons or not... I used Steele from some of the rubber on my Plymouth resto and was impressed with the quality. I had some no-name rubber around the doors, and after ten years when I sold the car, the Steele rubber looked new, and the no-name stuff was drying out and starting to crack in the corners.

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Thanks , I have had good luck with Steele on other projects, never even thought to look in the catolog to see what they have available for the wagon.
I had acquired genuine Willys weatherstripping still in original boxes for the two doors. As the vendor said that if I laid them out in the (Aussie summer) sun for a while all the kinks would come out. So I did. Glued them in place as per the diagram in Willys America restoration guide. First time for me. Well the left door turned out OK but on the right door the weatherstripping squeezed out a bit around the top hinge when closed. Tried to cut the excess back but did not look good. Also squeaked when closing the door. Talcum powder fixed the squeaking. Still have to slam either door twice to get the shut but thats OK.
Suggest you push the weatherstripping into the corners as much as possible when gluing. In view of my experience perhaps around where it goes around the top hinge especially. And you can't do this job properly without taking the doors off.
Sadly, I have to admit, I took the cheap way out. I installed weather strip from JC Whitney back in 1996. It's still on and works just fine. It wasn't self sticking, so I had to get the propper glue for it. I can't remember what it was, but it was thick. Once it was on...it was on.
For fuzzy window channel, I found a site suggesting industrial velcro bought at walmart. You use only the fuzzy side and find another use for the stickly side. Haven't gotten any further than buying the velcro but looks like it will work.