Which Pertronix Ignitor?

CJ Steak

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Oct 5, 2009
Hutto, TX - Near Austin
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Hmmm... for some reason I can't locate a Pertronix unit for my 1962 226 pickup truck. It's got the Auto-Lite distributor in it. Distributor numbers look to be 42068 5M. Oddly enough Pertronix.com only shows industrial/agricultural use 226's in their catalog without saying which distributor it's for. I guess I could just give them a call but that would be too easy...

Anyone else have a Pertronix Ignitor in their 226?


I checked in to it as well. The folks at Pertronix state that while they don't have a product "specifically" for our distributors they do have one that will work in them.
Part # 1569
This unit is inteded for an auto lite distributor (IAT-4010)

I'm told that a "slight" modification will need to be made to fit my distributor ( autolite IAT-4206).
The mod involves drilling out the rivits that hold the breaker plate.

That's it. I have not bought the set up yet, so if you decide to give it a try, please let us all know how it turns out. I have no doubt that it will work well.