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Mar 11, 2010
Central IL
Willys Model
  1. Pickup
Willys Year:
  1. 1962
Hey guys - -

Hoping for some basic info here. I started on a weekend project of replacing an old Mallory dist and coil that came with my truck with an original dist from a '62 Pickup and a new 12 volt coil (I'm slowly trying to weed out the mixed parts...). I got the dist rebuilt and the coil replaced and when I went to start the truck I burned up the wire from the coil to the points/condenser on in the dist...and the points themselves, etc.

I was using the manual for guidance, but it wasn't very specific as far as the wiring diagram. I saw on a '59 Volvo I have recently inherited that they had the wire from the gauges and the wire to the distributor points/condenser coming to/from the same pole on the coil (there was only one pole on the volvo coil). The old Mallory coil had three poles - 2 black and 1 red - the wires where separate on each black and the red was capped and not used. The Willys wiring diagram show both poles being used but is not specific as to which pole for which wire. This one may be obvious for the learned; however, I am still in the learning phase...

Can someone please bail me out on this one? I can continue to experiment, but I have already been through two sets of points, and don't want to buy anymore than I already have. I have the wire from the gas gauge to the coil, the wire to the points/condenser, and of course the coil wire to the dist cap. By the way, the previous Mallory system also had a external resister set up which I removed as I went to a 12 volt coil which specifically stated: "do no use with an external resister". I shouldn't need that on a '62, right?

Oh - I am working on a '62 Pickup, 226. "New" distributor is an Autolite IAT4404.

Thanks in advance!!

Ok,goes like this,a wire from the ignition switch that is hot when the key is on goes to the small primary termial on the coil maked + Then a wire goes from the other coil terminal maked - or sometimes "dist" to the distributor terminal which connects only to the points and condensor. That' it and all that's necessary with the wiring to make it run.I'm assuming you distributor is fine inside and the your coil doesn't need an external ballast.
All 12 volt points ignition systems use needs a coil primary resistance of 3-4.5 ohms.This is measured between the two small primary terminals.If using a external resistor,the coil is usually 1.5 ohms ,and the resistor is 1.5 ohms or so once warmed up.No resistor needed means the coil should be 3-4.5 ohms.The system with the resistor might bypass the resistor when the starter motor is engaged because of battery voltage drop.^ volt sustem used about 1-5-2 ohm coil,no resistor needed.
What have you got wired up?
Thanks for the speedy response. I figured it was simple like that. I actually wired it up that way on the first attempt (as it makes good sense) but got no spark...which led me to mess with it and eventually burn it up. The truck was running fine (well, always a little rough) before, so when it didn't spark and I didn't have specifics on the wiring, I started playing. Bad idea, in this case. I know there are other reasons for not getting spark, and I would like to trouble shoot that, too, but like I said, I have to replace some dist parts first.

Thanks for clearing that up. Now I know it will be wired correctly and I can trouble shoot from there.