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Dec 14, 2009
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Willys Year:
What year is my Willys Station Wagon?

The title says 1965, but I don't think that is right. How do I tell the year of my Station Wagon?

Not that it really matters, most of the parts have been replaced at least once, so I don't think any standard parts will fit, but I just want to know for reference.

There are pictures in my album, but if I need to post more details or pictures I'll do so, just let me know what to post.


I had the same question when I brought mine home. My title says "63" but according to my vin it was built in 62. I have apost on here somewhere when I asked about it. Try looking here....


Good info and that is where it was suggested I look for info like that. Good Luck! Hope that helps.

The limited knowledge that I have indicates that production ended in '63, but vehicles in this time period were often not titled until they were sold. So a '63 could be a production '62. And a '65 was a leftover that someone probably got a great deal on.
Production numbers for a 64 were 19,160 to 19,260 with the FA-134
15,358 to 16,217 with the OHC-230
it could be a 65. even though production of this body style stopped in 64, the ones that did not sell, where simply retitled as 65's jeep collector's library book by jim allen explains the numbering code. there were two different numbering codes used for 64 and 65. if you can't find the info pm me the v i n number and i can tell the year it was made. i've got a 63 pickup that looks just like yours, with the 230 overhead cam engine. according to the book it acually was made in 62.
It's a 1965 vin alright.. I always thought the last year of build was 1962, man was I wrong.

Thanks for the help.