what is this?


Bigger Hammer
Feb 8, 2010
Ruma Serbia
Willys Model
Willys Year:
Friend of mine who give this amblem to me,told me to remove it from the hood of some old Willys Overland.
If anyone knows what exactly is it...[attachment=2:qxpscajl]Picture 092.jpg[/attachment:qxpscajl][attachment=2:qxpscajl]Picture 092.jpg[/attachment:qxpscajl][attachment=0:qxpscajl]Picture 094.jpg[/attachment:qxpscajl][attachment=1:qxpscajl]Picture 093.jpg[/attachment:qxpscajl]
I've newer see something like this on SW. :?


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This tahograph is from that willys.[attachment=0:1tn656f8]indjija 009.jpg[/attachment:1tn656f8]
It's old type 4wd Willys with flat grill. I lead negotiations to buy it,but it's very dificult because is owner deaf&mute and... :cry: . Vehicle is in poor condition but still I want to buy it,for my colection and to saved it for further destuction. Pictyres soon! ;)


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