WHAT IS IT? Anyone need it?

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Oct 19, 2009
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This was attached to the body near the left frame rail. I imagine it might be a brake booster, but don't know, just a guess. It was on a 1962 Willys Station wagon. Before I throw it, I thought somebody might want it or at least tell me what it is.

[attachment=1:3jaokijl]Engine Mount 017.jpg[/attachment:3jaokijl][attachment=0:3jaokijl]Engine Mount 018.jpg[/attachment:3jaokijl]


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Kevin,sure looks like a vacuum brake booster,I don't know if it is original equipment or not,and I haven't seen that particular brand before,probably rebuildable if you need another project.Looks to me like a good Chinese auction item!Have a good day ....Jim
Wow that's a really cool looking hunk of steel. What do the markings on it say? That could be a period correct power brake conversion. I might be interested in it. Was the frame rail modified to mount it, or did it mount up normal? Did it still make use of the original master cylinder?

It had a bracket with 4 bolts that mounted it to the body...I have no idea what was hooked to it...I just cut lines and removed them...I will clean it up and see what the markings say, take pic's and post...I hate to throw it, I'd rather have someone that needs it.
Closer Pic's....it is some sort of brake booster....Bendix Hydrovac....anyone out there want it for their coffee table?... pay shipping cost only
[attachment=0:1wvd6zt5]Brake Booster 012.jpg[/attachment:1wvd6zt5][attachment=1:1wvd6zt5]Brake Booster 010.jpg[/attachment:1wvd6zt5]


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Whatever you do, don't scrap it. If it comes to that, let me know. I'll take it off your hands. :cheers:
I was going through some old 4x4 mags yesterday looking for something completely unrelated, and I ran across an article in the Sept 06 issue of Jp on old school brake conversions and upgrades and there is a pic and short description of that thing. As stated above, its a Hydrovac and it came from "trucks and school buses. It was sometimes adapted to Jeeps to improve braking ability through more applied hydraulic pressure." Its not very informative, but its slightly ironic.
This item will be shipped to Hutto, Texas....may it regain a life
wally72 said:

Cool, I've wondered for a long time how these things work. I have a modern verson on my '53 chevy pickup street rod. I quit working last year and I haven't fixed it yet.