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Jul 5, 2010
Willys Model
Willys Year:

Its time to start welding the roof back together, so to make it a little less clumbersome I drop the axles out so that I could lay it on its frame and well one thing led to another and I had some fun.

I might need to get another wagon now. :p

This could be fun to build.


Sure would ruffle a feather or two amongst the puristic throng ;)

It'd be neat if you could pull it off without the wagon falling into the "Ratrod" catagory (I hate that term(!) as it exemplifies the raunch in an otherwise kool automotive hobby)


Hey Chuck

That is what I would say is one of the most awesome Willys Wagons I have ever seen. I love rat rods and old Willys Jeep vehicles. (currently in the process of building a old school 1952/53 Chevy 1/2 ton truck with a "Z" ed frame and no fenders). I wonder if a set of those tall skinny tires (maybe white walls) would make your Willys wagon look??

Keep up the great work. Is there a link to your build on this truck???

Thanks for sharing...I love it :D

I think you are on to something. As much as I love originality in a vehicle, I also love customized rigs. That would be really unique and quite a head turner. Seems like it wouldn't be too dificult given the insane amount of room on the interior of the Willys wagon which I would think would make modding the floor for a tranny tunnel and rear axle not so bad.

I would just say, if you do it (which I say go for it), don't start with a really nice, complete wagon. I hate to see complete, original, restorable vehicles get hacked apart.

There is a 'Rat Rod' truck, sort of like that on ewillys.com. Very cool.
I think the draggin frame look is GREAT. I am also in love with the lifted version, so how about baggin it and have the best of both worlds? :thumbup:
On second thought, get the 2nd wagon, or pickup, and chop it more than this one, Z the frame, put it on airbags, insert the V8 of your choice, leave off the hood and front fenders, and have some fun. Then send it to me. :mrgreen: